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Scooterland Mobility is a mobility solutions Provider, Scooterland offers sales, hire, service, and repair of mobility products to the Gold Coast region.

Mobility Scooters

How to Chose a Motorised scooter?

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Mobility scooters are recognised as one of the best means of movement for disabled and elderly people anywhere in the world including Australia. More and more people are relying on mobility scooters in there day-to-day life to help them to get around and keep some of their independence.

Before purchasing a mobility scooter, it is important to know the different types of scooters. Below are the three general types of scooters available:

Robust Type
Robust mobility scooters are designed for a wide range of terrain and have a weight limit of 100 to 230 kilograms. They are specifically designed with powerful features for outdoor use like a long battery life, headlights, brake lights, complete sets of running lights, three or four large tyres and well built frame and suspension. Because of the large build, a vehicle scooter carrier or lift may be needed to bring these scooters into other areas.

Standard Type
The standard type of mobility scooters are considered a combination of the heavy-duty and travel scooters. These are lighter than a heavy-duty scooter and not designed for all terrain, but on the other hand, they have a higher weight limit, faster speed and longer battery life than travel scooters. This type of mobility scooter can be used indoors and is also suitable for outdoor use

Travel Type

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A travel type of scooter is a lightweight mobility scooter. They are adjustable and very portable because they can be disassembled into smaller parts to fit easily into car boots or other compartments for travel. They are ideal for indoor use and can also be used for driving around the neighbourhood. Travel scooters have a lower weight limit and are less padded and sometimes don’t have enough lighting features, but their battery life is also lower than that of a heavy-duty type of scooter.

All of the above types of mobility scooters are electrically powered with rechargeable batteries. Each have a varying turning radius but the greatest turning circle is usually performed by the heavy-duty types

A Pull Apart Scooter can be dismantled into 4 to 6 smaller part as shown. Usually the heaviest part is not heavier than 13kg. It is easy to assemble and dismantle.

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Scooter Demontration
If you are unable to get to one of our showrooms, please take advantage of our obligation free scooter demonstration service at your premise. Just call us at 5539 2141 to arrange.

What comes with your new Mobility Scooter….

  • 12 month warranty
  • Scooterland Mobility’s after sales service
  • Registration package
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